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Why Hire a Professional?

Get it Done Right

We will perform a professional inspection of your current system, and diasgnose any problems correctly the first time.

Time is Money

Our technicians have spent years on certifications and training on HVAC systems. We can diagnose and fix the issue in a minimum amount of time. We’ll be in and out of your home, allowing you to get back to your normal routine quickly and efficiently.

Safe Reliable Results

Hiring someone who is a certified HVAC will provide the most secure option to deal with your unit. HVAC systems utilize potentially dangerous gasses in order to keep your house or office within the right temperature. If you personally are not trained in how to handle these components, it is not worth the risk of harming yourself or your family members.

Our Service Guarantee

When you choose Whisler AC for your heating and cooling services, we guarantee you’ll be in good hands! We promise your call or email will be returned within 24 hours. We will diagnose your system correctly the first time. We will have a courteous trained and certified professional service your system. You will receive an upfront competitive price quote, and lastly we guarantee your system will perform at its peak performance providing you with the most comfortable climate possible. 


Our Trusted Brand Partners

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Our Reviews

Kimberly Squires
Kimberly Squires
Great customer service and honest.
Julie DePetro
Julie DePetro
Tim Whisler the very best most honest price conscious professional friendly courteous excellent customer service! In a panic without heat x 4 freezing days/notes-I texted Tim at night AnD the very next am Tim shows up all calm serene professional-just down to earth -overall super good guy-excellent professional business owner-heat repaired and my bank account not drained! Tim even returned to my home the next day justtti check to see if heat still functioning properly-NoW THAT’S EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Ty Tim Whisler!
Kristin Visser
Kristin Visser
Air Conditioning is life right now! My AC was working subpar recently and I contacted Whisler air, they actually responded via text which was perfect. I didn't even ask for same-day service but still got it. The same service I received from another company last year cost me almost $500. Whisler air added coolant, serviced my air conditioning unit, checked my thermostat and changed out my filters for $188. Made a huge difference. Highly recommend them. Do the service now before the AC goes out!
Sean Rundle
Sean Rundle
Tim and Jon are true professionals. They responded quickly to my call, and got my ac unit serviced same day. They walked me through the process, and have very competitive pricing. Highly recommend Whisler AC.